These days I have gone through a whirlwind of emotions and ever changing levels of motivation. The whole world seems to be moving fast but paused at the same time, which has made me unsure of my path, and the future feels so daunting and unknown. In the article We Need Imagination Now More Than Ever, the author discusses the importance of being flexible during these hard times, stating “In a situation where there are no easy solutions, we need to open up rather than constrict the funnel for new ideas”. I find that this perspective is so important, and something that I have followed within my own life path, which has shown throughout my time in college and my experiences with Interdisciplinary Studies. I have always felt that the designated paths that so many others around me have chosen to follow, did not match what I dreamed of doing in my life. For that reason Interdisciplinary Studies finally felt like the perfect path for me, where I could create a program that molded to my interests, rather than having to try and fit into an area of study that I didn’t fully enjoy.

The premise of interdisciplinary studies revolves around the idea of including multiple areas of interest and blending them together to create a more inclusive and broader reaching topic. This can be used in all areas of life, not just education, it is helpful with reaching solutions of global issues such as, the current global pandemic. The second article covered the importance of interdisciplinary thinking when tackling difficult problems, and the benefits of working collaboratively with others in order to reach strong conclusions. The current issue of the Covid-19 pandemic is an over-arching topic that touches on countless issues that already existed in the world and in this society before the virus. In order to fully understand the impact it will have on the world, whether it be economic, health related, social or individual, it is important to hear from many different sides and ranges of expertise. The topic in question is extremely complex, and if one were to ignore the mulit-faceted nature of this reality, we will not be able to reach any helpful solutions.

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