For our first project we were told to make two mugs that related in some way, whether it was in size, scale, or design. In our first critique we chose one of our classmates work to look over and observe in order to give feedback. When looking at Dusty’s mug I saw that it was a good start, and it made me look forward to see the final product. The first thing I noticed was that it was a very comfortable size for holding since it did not have a handle, additionally the lip of the mug was a nice width, being quite thin and delicate, although it could’ve be gone over in order to smooth it out and made less uneven. The mug still did not have a foot, but it had nice gesture, as the round body flared up and out towards the mouth giving it natural movement. The body of the piece was attached well to the pinch pot with no visible seams, which made it cohesive. There was some cracking which could have been solved by compacting the clay with the flat metal tool. At the critique there was no added texture yet, but it did have a nice hand built appearance, with visible finger marks, which I liked. Overall Dusty’s mug showed a good start to this project, with parts that I am sure were worked on for the final due date, as well as the addition of a second mug which was still needed. Great Job!

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