For my initial capstone proposal, I came up with a very ambitious idea that as time went on I began to realize might not be possible in the short time frame. I found myself reconsidering my original thoughts, and trying to come up with new ways of incorporating similar ideas, while also making it manageable, important and exciting. Over the past weeks I have been researching the process of creating a stop motion video, and what the best techniques would be to accomplish this successfully and professionally. The information I have gained has helped me feel more prepared to start the physical project, and so I do not feel like I have lost too much time even after the topic change.

            My original project idea was to make a stop motion video focused on the importance of voter turnout, especially targeting young voters. The plan was to include statistics and facts that would demonstrate the impact young voter involvement has had on previous elections, while also making sure to clarify the crucial nature of this year’s election. Because of how broad the topic was, and in order for it to be helpful it would’ve needed to be done at least three weeks before the election on November 3rd, reconsidering the project was necessary. Succeeding in finishing the whole project by mid-October seemed a bit too ambitious, and although I still think it is an incredibly important topic, the time constraints of this assignment, made it difficult.  

            After thinking it over, and considering the many extremely important and relevant events that are occurring in these times, I have settled on focusing on the current pandemic that the entire world is experiencing. Because this is also a very broad topic, I worked on coming up with a more specific lens to look through, finally determining that a subject I find very important is how Covid-19 is impacting minority populations in the United States in a disproportionately damaging way. I think that it is important to talk about yet another example of how people of color are treated in this country, and how they are effected by a country that does not support them or their needs. By making a comprehensive, visually stimulating stop motion video, I hope to grab the attention of people who may not be aware that a large portion of the US population is facing an even greater threat when it comes to this virus. Additionally, I hope to explain why that is, with facts and statistics, so that there can be no doubt, and the evidence is clear to anyone who may doubt it. The last portion of my video will include ways in which minority communities can be supported during this time, as well as a brief section on general Covid-19 precautions. I think that this topic is very relevant to the times that we are experiencing, and the goal of this project is to shed a light on injustices that are occurring every day and impacting millions of people in this country. This project will be a demonstration of how different mediums can be used to raise awareness of social justice issues and can add to essential movements and hopefully help inspire positive social change.

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