Although this is a pretty simple and straight-forward class, I think it is very helpful and incredibly practical. In my previous college (Green Mountain College), the “Progressive Program” which would be the equivalent to Plymouth’s Interdisciplinary Studies Program, was very complicated, and required of a lot of the students that wanted to pursue that major. There was no class that helped organize one’s ideas and ultimately assist in constructing the exact program that someone wants to study, but rather the student had to do it all on their own, with the help of an adviser, but not much more. That aspect of the Progressive Program always intimidated me and made me question whether I wanted to go through all of those challenges on my own. While I know that the IDS program at Plymouth State still requires a lot of individual work and personal drive, I think that having this class is very useful in helping the student to work through the doubts and struggles that come with designing your own program.

            These first few classes have made me very excited to see where the rest of this class will take me, and also to take advantage of all of the opportunities and resources that are being offered through the Interdisciplinary Studies Program. One example of this is that I have been working on designing my own website for some time now, and I am very excited to have the opportunity to work on it more, and use the resources that we will have access to during this semester, to make my website as professional as possible. I have had ideas for the different themes that I want for my website, and through this class, even in these first few weeks, I have been able to expand those ideas and add new ones as well. I plan on using this opportunity to create an engaging site that will be comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing, and will be a space where I can display my photographs and videos, as well as pieces (articles, essays, etc.) that I feel strongly about and fit my theme.

            The theme for my website is to have a space where people can visit and look through different albums of photographs and videos that I have taken, which could eventually have an option to purchase prints of my photos. The written content will be focused on social justice issues or other topics, but primarily current events, with the goal of bringing awareness to injustices and important causes that are happening around the world. Because of the main focus of my website, I am very glad to learn about the use of Creative Commons, and copyright in general for that matter, as I have been wanting to protect my images for various reason, and I believe this is a very good way to ensure that. This past week has been informative, despite not having super thrilling subject, and I think that as the semester goes on, I am sure to be more and more invested and inspired.

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