During this past week, we discussed a lot about how helpful a tool the internet can be, and how important it is to use it wisely and understand what your footprint is. The two readings we were assigned both touched on good points, and the authors laid out their opinions very well in order to demonstrate the importance of using the internet effectively and how it can benefit the lives and work of a student. Through reading these pieces, my excitement began to grow about creating my own space on the web, and to have a place where I have more control over what viewers are seeing and accessing. In the writing by Audrey Waters, she talks a lot about how important it is during this current digital age, to have a control over what you are releasing into the world, and that is something I have always felt is true; “Having one’s own domain means that students have much more say over what they present to the world, in terms of their public profiles, professional portfolios, and digital identities. Students have control over the look and feel of their own sites, including what’s shared publicly.” This idea makes me very inspired to begin to design and ultimately build my online image and presence, and I am so glad this class is giving me that opportunity. In Mathew Cheney’s piece How Public? Why Public?  He covers some very good points, one of which I related very deeply to, “One of the great privileges the academy offers is the time and space to do work that might not lead anywhere, work that might be purely for personal interest.” I have many ideas for this project, and am very inspired to use this as an opportunity to build my website so that I can use it professionally and make a name for my photography. But, that being said, I am also grateful to have the opportunity and the space to be able to try things out and experiment, without the pressure of it having to become something more. In that way, I believe it is even more exciting and freeing, and I am eager to see where this journey takes me.

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