Social justice movements build power with the support of people who share similar views and who are motivated by related goals. The media has an extremely powerful effect on the public, and different sources have the ability to influence their audiences to either join or oppose certain movements. I believe if used correctly, news sources and social media platforms can be extremely influential in creating positive social change within the U.S. as well as the global society. My interest stems from learning about past and current social justice movements, both the successes and possible failures that came from them, and observing the different methods that were used in order to build those movements. By comparing the mediums used by platforms to increase their popularity and their presence, I hope to learn what the best strategies are, as well as what should be avoided in order to create a movement that truly helps cause positive social change. In a time where thousands of miles can be connected in a click of a button, it is so important to involve social media and other sources in order to stimulate the masses and grow movements to international scales. In order for social change to occur, the plea must be heard, and the best way to do that is to gather as many supporters as possible. However, I am also interested to learn about the downfalls of relying too heavily on media in order to build movements, and through that begin to understand the best path to create strong and successful ways to initiate change. There is a balance that must be achieved and that must be done by truly understanding the positives and the negatives that surround the use of social media and other networks for confronting social justice issues. The knowledge of information is crucial when it comes to understanding one’s society and the best way to tackle issues within it, is to acknowledge all sides and be able to see different perspectives. My goal for studying this topic is to be able to understand the best ways to influence change, and do so by harnessing the positive power that the media has, in order to benefit different social justice movements.

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