Throughout history journalists have struggled with censorship, whether it be blatant movements to block reporting, or discrete rules set in place to limit access to information. Some say that in the United States we are in a critical time when it comes to journalism and news reporting because of the heightened focus on “fake news” and the interest the public has on current events. However, there still is fear when it comes to media censorship, as governments all over the world have certain covert methods to restrict access to certain information. In the article Censorship in the Digital Age written by Courtney Glenn Vinopal the situation in the U.S in particular, is referred to as a “Multi-layered type of censorship”, because when considering social media many think that censorship does not play a role. This is not the case, rather many governments do place discrete forms of censorships on social media platforms, especially when it comes to social justice issues and movements. So in a time when there is so much information being produced, it can be quite overwhelming, and when the idea that access to certain information is controlled it can be even more disheartening. In her piece, Vinopal includes opinions from many international journalists and some of them have not lost hope in this censored time, “Most journalists, when they are confronted with the threat of censorship, have a visceral reaction, and they will try to find a way to work around it.”. The fact that the main goal for journalists is to correctly portray events and situations so that the general public can inform themselves from factual and accurate information, gives hope that despite the obstacles and limitations they may face, the vast majority will work hard to not be stopped. The digital age has brought about incredible opportunities for people to educate themselves, as well as share their own personal experiences and opinions, however it is extremely important to be aware of the existence of media censorship and biased reporting. For that reason, when reading articles, scrolling through social media platforms, or even conversing with friends, keep in mind the effects that censorship and bias may have on the information you are receiving.

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