My Senior Capstone
As I began to contemplate what type of project I wanted to tackle for my Senior Capstone, I struggled to find something worthy of being the culmination of my college experience. I knew that I wanted to reach more than just the Plymouth State community, and so I needed to think bigger. As my program focuses on social justice movements, there is so much happening at this time it was hard to narrow down my ideas. Finally, I came to the decision of focusing on the upcoming Presidential election, as I believe that its outcome will influence and determine this country’s future, and will impact all social justice movements moving forward. For my senior capstone, I plan to create an interactive and inclusive animated video, with the goal of encouraging young people in the United States to get out and vote this November. I also plan to create a simple website surrounding this video where people can go to watch it, as well as where they can find more information on the candidates and what they stand for. I hope to include a place where people can submit their email, and answer whether they have already registered to vote or if they have sent in their absentee ballots (or if they plan to vote in person), with the intention of viewing how many people are planning on voting after viewing my video. The incentive for answering those questions will be that the first 200-250 people to submit their information will receive a free sticker which I will design myself.

The Purpose
My project is aimed at bringing awareness to the very timely issues that exist in the United States, and bring forward a potential solution to those issues, which in my opinion is to VOTE. As this is arguably the most important election in History, it is important to educate people, especially the young voter population to come out and vote in order to insure a safer and better future.

My intended audience for this project is young people (18+) or anyone that will listen, with the hope of targeting people who are uncertain or want more information before they go out and vote. The reason for choosing to focus on the younger generations is because in the past we have been less likely to vote if we are not inspired by the candidates, which seems to be the case in this election. Being one of the largest age groups, it is even more important and would make a major difference in the election.

The driving question for this project is ultimately, how can we insure that people turn out to vote in this election, and what can be done to target specific groups that generally have lower turn out rates?

As a queer, woman of Hispanic and Immigrant descent, I believe that this election is the most important election in history, let alone my lifetime, and I cannot bare to imagine the outcome being a second term for the current president. So, I am using this project as an opportunity to reach people my age, as well as any others, with the intention of clarifying the crucial nature of this election. As my major is Media for Social Change, I believe that this election is vital in the path towards social change, and using an interactive and potentially “fun” medium such as animation, could invite more people to become interested in this topic. Additionally, I am using animation as my medium as I wish to expand my knowledge and demonstrate that I am able to work with diverse media, whether it be Photography, Videography, or Graphic Design and Animation. In my time as an Interdisciplinary Studies major, I have worked to create a program that crosses and combines disciplines that motivate and inspire me, in order to form a major that encompasses all of my interests and aspirations into one joint focus. For this reason, I have created Media for Social Change where I have focused on studying how media of all sorts (social media, the news, different mediums), can have an impact on social justice movements, as well as, create and inspire social change. I have had a lot of experience with photography and video editing, and observing how those mediums effect social justice movements, but for the purpose of this project I wanted to use a medium that was entertaining and also something that I had never done before. The reason for this decision is that in my major I have strived to focus on all media and their impact on social change, and being that I have never worked with animation, and only have a little experience with graphic design, I thought that it would be beneficial to gain experience in this form of expression.

I hope that through this endeavor, people will be able to gain insight into what their role can be in this upcoming election, as well as understand how important their own voice is, and learn about different candidates’ positions and what they stand for in order to feel prepared to vote in November. Hopefully this will inspire people that are on the fence or feeling uninspired by this election, to reconsider and weigh all of the factors, and in the end decide to vote. In order to fulfill my goal of creating an animated informative video, I will start by learning to use animation and illustrator software’s in order to properly prepare for the creation of my video.  I will also spend a lot of my time researching, and mapping out what I wish to say within the video itself, making sure that the information and data that I share is accurate. Additionally, I will work on making a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate website where my project can be reached. Once I finish, I will have a three-part project, which includes: an animated video, information on each candidate in a comprehensive format, and all of these parts will be accessible through a website that is easy to navigate. Additionally, as I mentioned before, I will be including a section where people can input their information, and as an incentive they will receive a free sticker. Through this, I will be able to see how many people have viewed my video, as well as how many of those viewers have registered and are going to vote.  

In conclusion, throughout my time in college, I have had a lot of experience with computer programs and editing software’s, and through that have been able to become more confident with technology. This knowledge will help me learn new techniques and ways to create my vision; additionally, my experience creating and designing my Eport, will help me create the website for this project. As for resources, I will definitely be looking at government sites in order to get accurate information and data, as well as looking at official candidate websites to see their platforms. I have many connections that will help me succeed in this project, including friends that have vast experiences with graphic design and animation as well as YouTube tutorials and other forms of learning new techniques. In terms of risks, I would say that the most concerning aspect of this project is the fact that I have never worked with animation and it will be quite a steep learning curve, however I believe that with my experience with technology, and help from others, I am confident that I will succeed. In the case that I do struggle with fulfilling my initial plans, I did set this up to be a project with many parts with the purpose of making it easier if need be to narrow down my goals to be more specific and less ambitious, however I am ready to work hard and adapt to any challenges that may arise.

Week 1 (9/16)
Due: Capstone Proposal & Timeline
Week 2 (9/23)
-Start working on website
– Watch tutorials and instructional videos on Animation
– Come up with topics for video
Week 3 (9/30)
-Work on Website
– Come up with scene sequence of video
-Research any data/ information that will be in video
Week 4 (10/7)
-Work on Website
-Finalize scene sequence
-Work on animation
Week 5 (10/14)
– Finalize animation
-Finalize Website

Election Day (11/3)

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  1. This is wonderfully ambitious! You’ve got a fairly tight timeline, given the election, but if you’re organized, you should be able to have real success with this. Let me know if you need anything as you move forward.

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