I did not expect that my last semester in college would be spent on a computer, averaging 10 hours or more of screen time every day, and not seeing any friends. I had pictured senior year very differently. I would already have a grasp of how to manage my time, I would be taking my left over requirements and maybe some electives, but they would be relatively easy classes which would allow me to have a lot of free time. My plan was to use that time to soak up the last few months in Plymouth by exploring new places, eating out, hanging out with friends and making strong connections, but that is not how this semester turned out.

            Instead, the reality is that I sit on my computer and stare at a dozen of black squares with names on them, for hours sometimes seeing a face whenever someone decides to turn on their camera on Zoom. In fact, this is one of if not the hardest semesters of my whole college career, safe to say free time is hard to come by, and as for hanging out with friends, well that’s just not smart right now. When I am not in synchronous classes, I am trying to wrap my head around all of the assignments and projects that are due for my six, very hard and time consuming final required classes. I had never intended to ever get an online degree, but due to the ongoing pandemic, and since there is no other option other than to be in person and potentially risking contracting the virus, I am grateful that we are given the remote option. That being said, there is something so draining about having all of my work be on a computer. Before it was spaced out by going to classes, and seeing real human beings that the hours spent working on school work were not as noticeable, and the mere act of printing out a paper or an assignment and handing it in in person is long gone.

            What a strange time we are living in, it will definitely be a noteworthy anecdote to tell my kids that I graduated college during a pandemic. Despite all of the difficulties and added stress that this new form of learning has given me, I am incredibly for all of the tireless work and support that my professors have put in to making this experience as successful as possible. However difficult it has been for me, I recognize that professors have also been experiencing this, and have been extremely helpful throughout the process. In conclusion, this semester is not what I expected, but then again none of them have been, so, what did I expect.

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