I have been working hard trying to stick to my timeline for my capstone project, and it is looking like I am on track and moving towards the end. I have changed my plan quite a bit from my initial project proposal, but I think that this final plan will be more attainable and it covers a very important and relevant topic. This new project is simpler and has less parts, which will help me focus on details and create a more cohesive and successful project. My capstone will be a stop motion video made out of hand drawn illustration and text, that discusses the impacts on Covid-19 on minority populations and underrepresented communities. It will be informative on the issues that exist, as well as the systemic and historical reasons for this, and will include what measures can be taken to help lessen the impact on severely affected communities. Because I have changed many aspects of this project I have created a new timeline that includes everything that I still have to do before the November 11th deadline (this timeline does not include all that I have already done).

I have worked on collecting all of the sources that I will need for gathering the information and statistics for the video, and have been sorting through them to make sure I have reliable and helpful content. I want to be sure that this project relates to and demonstrates the importance of my major, so for that reason I will include information on systemic racism and how the healthcare system has been poorly set up to support minority groups in the United States. This project will show that social justice is relevant to every person, and there are ways to bring awareness to issues thru all mediums. By using a medium that I have never used before, I hope to prove that I have gained knowledge and expertise on diverse ways to bring attention to issues and to educate people on social justice issues.

Another thing that I have been working on is sketching and planning the different frames of my video. I want to focus on having enough information to be helpful to the viewers so that they understand the information and the importance of this topic. I also want to make sure that the video is informative enough, but not too long and that it isn’t so full of statistics and facts that it is overwhelming or boring. I have been struggling with the planning of the video and choosing whether to make the stop motion out of photos or video clips, and as this is a new medium for me, I want to make sure that the decision I make doesn’t back fire on me when I come to the final editing stage. My objective is to make this video as cohesive and professional, as it is aesthetic and intriguing for viewers to look at.

My next steps are to finish the planning and sketches and to then move on to the actual drawing of the video. I am nervous that this part will take longer than expected, however I know that once I start I will be wrapped up in the enjoyable nature of drawing that time will fly by quickly and then I will be on the final step of editing the video.


Finish going through the resources and finding all information wanted for the video. Oct 23rd

Finalize sketches and plans for how the information will be drawn out. Oct 23rd

Draw and photograph process Oct 25th

Edit all of the shots together Nov 4th

Submit finished video Nov 11th

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