Throughout my time in college I feel that I have gotten to know myself and my interests more than ever before. Whether it was changing my hobbies, changing my major, or even changing my school, those experiences led me to be sure in my passions, and have confidence in my future. After many majors and explorations, I was lucky enough to find the Interdisciplinary Studies program, which in short was everything that I was looking for. The program that I began to build, Media for Social Change, was focused on combining my interest in photography and different mediums, as well as my passion for advocacy and social justice. The goal of my major has been to explore the impacts and rolls that media can have on social justice movements, in order to better understand how positive social change can be achieved.

            For my senior capstone project, I wanted to do something relevant to current events, while still being attainable during these difficult times, as well as something that would challenge me and demonstrate the skills that I have learnt throughout my education. I came to the decision of focusing how the pandemic has been impacting Ethnic and Racial minorities in the United States. The way that I chose to depict this was through a technique known as a Stop Motion video, which ultimately is made up of hundreds of pictures of an object or an illustration in order to make it appear to be moving. This was a completely new experience for me, as I was familiar with photography and video editing, but had never combined those mediums with illustration and animation. Through this project, I hoped to create a video that was informative and comprehensive at the same time. I believe that this topic is an incredibly important one for people to be aware of, and the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on minority communities is also linked to many other societal and institutional issues. The complexity of this issue made it difficult to feel as though I was really capturing all of the necessary information in my illustrations and in the final product. I had some roadblocks and struggles along the way, one of them being the fact that the video ended up being made out of around 2000 pictures, but other than the growing pains and unexpected hurdles, I am proud of my creation. I believe that this project was ultimately able to demonstrate that any medium can be used to educate, inform and insight social change, and for that reason my studies have helped me understand how to create valuable content that will hopefully assist social justice movements everywhere.

            I believe that this major has helped me prepare for my life after college, by allowing me to really explore and understand my interests. I feel that I have created a unique and personal program that supports my goals and also has taught me the skills that are needed in many different fields. This project has opened my eyes to new mediums, and has given me more confidence in myself by demonstrating that I am skilled and competent in my area of study. I plan on continuing to work on supporting social justice movements, specifically through photography. My work will be available through my Instagram, La_Abejita_photo which is featured below. I hope that with this degree I can be a part of a new movement to use media to support social justice movements, and work to create positive social change.

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